It seems like Americans are getting sicker, yet our drug-centered health care system is not motivated to find real cures. At one point, I wondered why it might only be my friends, family, colleagues, and clients who had health challenges, but when I reached out to medical and health practitioners, they confirmed this crisis is stressing hospitals to handle and treat patients for illnesses that aren’t life-threatening.

By 2020, about 157 million Americans will be afflicted by chronic illnesses, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. The number is projected to increase by more than one percent per year by 2030, resulting in an estimated chronically ill population of 171 million.

Numerous research studies have concluded that baby boomers are living longer, but at a lower quality of life and that the deterioration can be explained by an increased intake of medication. While baby-boomers are living longer than their predecessors, they are not in better health.

Western Medicine

Our medical system is good at treating serious problems, like heart attacks and life-threatening illnesses, but is not as skilled in treating stress-related and chronic diseases. Americans are confused, frustrated, and feeling vulnerable, while spending billions of dollars to find a solution to what ails them.

American patients need to take back ownership of what it means to be healthy or sick. Commercialization has recast our health as a series of disease states: the cause of every symptom needs to be urgently diagnosed and treated. “Do something!” “Time is of the essence.” The healthcare industry spends nearly $15 billion on advertising annually to encourage worry.

An American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back by Elisabeth Rosenthal

The healthcare industry is a sickness industry, and we are continually told that pharmaceutical drugs and surgery are the solutions to all our health problems. Elisabeth Rosenthal stated in her book, “A lifetime of treatment is preferable to a cure.” This is a good reason for all of us to take charge of our health.

Optimum health results from taking responsibility for your personal well-being. That means, instead of simply turning all decisions over to your doctor, take back your power to choose the right health, diet, and medical options. Increasingly, our “wellness culture” is empowering us to take responsibility for our own health as we become more aware that disease is not only preventable but also reversible.


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