Joel and Michelle Levey are founders of Wisdom at Work and The International Center for Corporate Culture and Organizational Health. The Levey’s work with organizations and communities around the globe to inspire people to deepen the wisdom, wonder, compassion, resilience, and creativity they bring to life, work, and relationships amidst the myriad changes, challenges, and opportunities of these turbulent and rapidly shifting times.The Levey’s pioneering work spans many disciplines and decades. They are respected for being among the very first professionals to introduce the principles and practices of mindfulness into mainstream business.

“We find it helpful to view our journey through life as a walk on a tightrope stretched across the vastness of space. Life, in this sense, is a learning laboratory in which to learn how to walk in balance. Believing in a responsive, compassionate, and often playful universe, we notice that the width or narrowness of the rope appears to be adjusted to help each walker optimize his or her learning. For a real beginner, it might be ten feet wide with hand rails. As your skill and confidence grow, the rope narrows and becomes more challenging to walk. Ideally it is still just wide enough to keep you in the upper end of your “learning zone” rather than moving off into danger.”

“There are two primary states of being, one is walking in balance, i.e. staying on the rope. The other state is tumbling, i.e. mindless, fearful, and out of control. We are always either walking mindfully and fully present on our rope, or we are to some degree mindlessly tumbling.”

“To the degree that I am clear on my intentions, I am more likely to stay on course in my journey, to travel “on purpose,” and to be able to make healthy choices about how I want to spend my time. In this analogy, intention is the compass that I use to keep my life in balance. With intention, I will be more mindful of the direction that I am sailing and alert to when the winds and currents are supporting or challenging me in my journey. With clear intent in mind, I will check often to see if I am on course, on purpose, and will generate further intentions that lead to the actions that make subtle course corrections frequently along the way.”

“We live in a responsive universe. If you drop a stone in a pond, it both sends out and draws in ripples. Through heartfelt prayer, the energy of our intent reaches out, creating a reverberation in our deep psyche that reaches out to the Mystery and draws back the inspiration and blessing energy that may help us or others to deepen or accelerate a shift in the patterns of our life. Especially in times of great chaos, prayer can offer a sense of stability, meaning, direction, inspiration, balance, harmony, healing, and faith that can at times feel miraculous.”

“The learning adventure of our lives continually reminds us that balanced living is achieved by seeking challenges when we are bored and cultivating skills when we are challenged. It’s an ongoing dance.”

“Making the changes necessary to improve the quality of your life requires a fierce commitment to continuous learning. And learning, whether about yourself, about others, about the ways of the world, or about the immensity of the mysterious universe, requires considerable courage.”