“Ann, your wisdom and kindness provided just the right touch to help me move forward with my life’s work. Without your firm but gentle ‘push,’ I would have missed the opportunity of a lifetime.”

–SM, attorney, author, and songwriter

Cup of herbal tea with wild flowers and various herbs

Throughout my life I’ve struggled with, well, with just about everything you can imagine. Low energy. Weight challenges. Anxiety. Depression. Food addictions. Autoimmune diseases.

Trying to find a cure or protocol, I consulted medical doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths, allergy specialists, energy healers, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and even shamans. It soon became clear that traditional medicine and doctors and even nontraditional practitioners, could not provide the solutions I needed.

What I discovered through my own healing process was that it is possible to heal yourself and reclaim your health and vitality, if you know how. Because we are unique beings, the solution that might work for your friend or a relative may not benefit you. Every person needs to discover the foods, protocols, and practices that support their own healing journey.

I know it is possible to work in a stressful environment without compromising your health and well-being. More importantly, I believe that in developing the skills of self-healing, we tap into a deeper source of balance and wisdom that can profoundly impact the purposes we choose to follow.

We are living in a defining moment in history. Our toxic world makes it challenging to maintain our health and avoid disease. We all possess unique gifts and a unique purpose that will heal ourselves and our planet. This is our challenge and our opportunity. Our personal effectiveness will be guided by how readily we let go of what is not working and how effectively we become alchemists and shapeshifters to transform our worlds.

“I am a calmer and more productive person after every moment I spend with Ann.”

–MT, business executive

“Ann’s work helps you understand and embrace positive practices and increase your instinct/intuition more readily. If you do not step back, take a breath, and manage stress, you can get yourself in trouble. Her book was an excellent tool and reminder to ‘keep yourself in check.”

–MS, REIT executive

“I can save you the frustration, time and money that I went through—and support you as you find your own, unique wellness solutions.”

Ann N. Roulac
Integrative Wellness Catalyst + Coach

“. . . Roulac has amassed such a comprehensive volume of information that she establishes herself as an avatar of energy, a shaman of self-empowerment.”

–Marie Black, LA Yoga Magazine

“Ann Roulac offers a time-tested blueprint for working with energy to transform the body and all of one’s relationships.”

–Michael Sky, author of The Power of Emotion

“Power, passion and purpose are what we all need in our lives. When they manifest as a part of your life, you will be enabled to create the future you desire. Ann Roulac’s book will give you all the information you need to make this happen, and I know from experience that when you combine her information with your inspiration, the result will amaze you.”

–Bernie Siegel, MD, author of 365 Prescriptions for the Soul and 101 Exercises for the Soul