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Every day, you make choices. You can work to create a life of health and vitality or you can succumb to a lifestyle of chronic disease, limited mobility, joint pain, back pain, and fuzzy thinking. You decide the future you want.

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In our current culture of fast-paced living and information overload, it is all too easy to get out of balance. Many of us are overworking, overeating, overspending, over drinking, overindulging, or sometimes simply barricading the door—anything to escape the relentless pace! If you are not eating the right foods, are stressed out and losing sleep, you are compromising your health and accelerating your aging process!

I have to admit I’m guilty of being the queen of multitasking. It wasn’t until I started experiencing multiple stress related challenges that I started to reflect on the impact my busyness was having on my health. I also needed to discover that my incessant multi-tasking and commitment to take care of everyone’s needs was having a huge impact on my quality of life.

Having studied health and healing for over 40 years, I knew I was off track. Unfortunately, all too often it’s human nature to only take action when we’re faced with a crisis.

The focus of my blog articles and coaching is to teach and support people to heal themselves. I don’t provide medical advice or claim to cure illnesses. Throughout my business career I became known for my world class investigative and research skills. My work has always required that I find solutions to complex problems. So delving into the solutions to mystery disease and how our lifestyles and lack of education is compromising the quality of our lives is a joy and I love the challenge.

In the last few years as the number of individuals who have health problems has increased my reading has expanded to include scientific journals and books. One of the conclusions I’ve come to is that unless you have a basic understanding of anatomy, physiology, and neurology it will be difficult for you to participate in your own healing.

From my own experiences, observations, and work with successful people, I know it is possible to work, live, and even thrive in this stressful world of ours without compromising our health.

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